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MAY 2018

Qinwan Dates

An e-commerce platform for the finest dates in Qatar.

the challenge

project details

Web & Mobile UI

Qinwan’s brand does a great job at combining luxurious and funky in one place. Their website needed to reflect the same.

With the new website going live, Qinwan will have three methods of conversion: Visits to the physical store, Ordering through phone, and ordering online.

I developed a strategic sitemap to tell the brand’s story and guide the visitor through a user journey that ensures conversion at all three levels.

Qinwan’s photography is quite strong, and it’s a great way to sell their products, especially for gift-buying customers. Accordingly, I went for an image-heavy landing page. I strategically placed product images across the different pages of the website.

Email Marketing

I set up the client with an online marketing system to help them nurture and engage their customers and build up their brand loyalty on the digital front.

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