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Beehive Tribe

The first homegrown recycling service of it’s kind in Qatar.

project details

Beehive is a community based door-to-door recycling service that caters to homes, offices, schools, and facilities all together.

Bees are nature’s own organic recyclers. This is where the name of this brand stems from. They have a vision that their community, much like a hive of hard working dedicated bees, would come together towards reducing the global carbon foot print and contribute towards a greener Qatar, and a greener earth.

the challenge

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We came up with a combination of nature and nurture. Between organic and man-made. Between Green and Industrial. These are the two main contrasting colors of the brand. We handle the industrial side, so that you can get a greener tomorrow.

The logo-mark uses the hexagon shape of the beehive with a bee symbol inside of it. The wings of the bee are highlighted and illustrated as an infinity symbol, commonly used to refer to recycling.

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