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MARCH 2015

Yalla X

Journey’s combining adventure & purpose.

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Yalla X is a group of young Qataris with a mission to create journeys combining adventure and purpose. Climbing Kilimanjaro summit and collecting donations to build a school in Gaza. 

the challenge


The name needed to be active, edgy, sharp, and appealing to Arabic and English speakers. ‘Yalla’ which is Arabic for ‘Let’s Go’ - really captures that energetic sense of urgency.


The X represents the extreme aspect of their initiatives (i.e. climbing a summit). The ‘X’ is also meant to be a variable that will be replaced with the name of their initiatives (i.e. Yalla Kilimanjaro)


Much like the name, the brand needed to compliment that edginess and appeal to Arabic and English speakers. The big sharp X immediately demands your attention. The logo is bilingual and spells Yalla in both Arabic and English.

Yellow is the color of passion, which is a key ingredient of Yalla-X’s mission. It’s also a very eye-catching color, which would work great when you’re in the great outdoors or climbing a mountain.


Goal 1: Inform.

To achieve that, I created a strategic Sitemap and User Journey that guides visitors to the relevant information.

Goal 2: Join /  Sponsor

To achieve the other two goals, I strategically placed calls-to-action around the website to ensure maximum conversion. I also made sure to highlight their previous journeys, and include a section for their previous sponsors to increase their credibility and encourage new joiners/sponsors to take action.

User Interface

Much like their brand, the website UI needed to be edgy and interactive. I placed an interactive world-map on the landing page which highlights the places that Yalla-X visited already. This also gives visitors a reason to keep coming back to the website.

Photography is also key for such initiatives, and Yalla X had very beautiful images. I utilized this advantage and went for a full-width big-background-image UI approach. The beautiful imagery is a strong way to encourage people to journey and go see these wonderful places with their own eyes.


I encouraged the Yalla X team to create an Instagram account. 

Instagram is great for this type of initiative because they can keep their audiences engaged on the Insta Story by covering their day-to-day activities on their journeys.

I put together a social media strategy / content pillars as well as a starter pack of creative assets to help them ensure continuous follower growth and engagement.

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