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Sports Accelerator

Qatar's pioneer sports business hub bringing together elite sports businesses under one roof.

project details

Sports Accelerator - Qatar Business District is a dedicated sector within Aspire Zone established to leverage Qatar’s status as a global sports business hub by creating new business opportunities for the private sector, attracting foreign investment, and developing Qatari entrepreneurs. Through these activities, the Sports Accelerator will increase the share of the sports sector in Qatar’s economy, in support of Qatar National Vision 2030.

These are concept designs that were submitted for consideration by the client. Different name options were also being considered hence we went with Qatar Sports Business Square and Sports City Business Centre.

the challenge

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Two name options were considered for this project:


Option 1 - Sports City Business Centre was the first name option considering the location of this entity is in Qatar’s Sports City. We would use SCBC as an official abbreviation.

Option 2 - Qatar Sports Business Centre was an alternative name option that would be more digestible internationally given the client’s focus on foreign direct investment.


Two name options were considered for this project.

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Option 1 - A

Cutting Edge

To embody the SCBC’s mission to be leading sports hub worldwide with a unique business experience, we proposed this contemporary look to reflect speed, strength and agility putting SCBC in harmony with the futuristic Qatar National Vision of 2030.

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Option 1 - B


The SCBC is the perfect environment for your business to grow. Embodied by the characteristics of a palm tree; strong, resilient, and ever fruitful. The symmetrical form reflects the balance between cultural heritage and modernity.

Option 1 - C


Embodied in the agility, strong vision, and extreme focus of the Qatari falcon; SCBC enables your business to reach new heights.


The hard edges of the lines give the brand a sporty look and feel while the symmetrical form reflects the balance between cultural heritage and modernity.

Option 2 - A


Using the symmetrical advantage of the letters qsbs we created an ambigram logomark that appears the same from all directions. This flexibility reflects QSBS’s openness to businesses from all ends of the world.

Option 2 - B

HQ Inspired - The Meeting Point

Inspired by the unique patterns on the headquarters building, we created this logo mark. The center represents QSBS’s hub for sports business where all ends meet.

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