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JULY 2016

The first Renminbi clearing centre in the Middle East

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the challenge




The Renminbi symbol is a universally recognized mark. I knew that I definitely needed to include that in the logo. The key was to link that to Qatar. I tried multiple approach at merging that Renminbi symbol with the Arabic spelling of ‘Qatar’

A number of directions were presented to the client. After a few rounds of feedback, we got our chosen brandmark.

I used Qatar's Maroon as the primary color and a shade of  beige to compliment it. The beige is also a variation of the Chinese flag yellow color.

UI Design


The UI style uses a combination of large images and graphical manipulation to give the user a seamless    experience.

Using  a paint brush texture as a way to create a smooth transition between the different website sections.

The client wanted to explore an alternative option for brand colors, hence why the below mockups use blue rather than maroon as the primary color.

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