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FEB 2017

Moe Fakhro Blog

A storyteller born and raised in Doha, Qatar. 

the challenge



Moe had an existing logo that needed some refreshing. I fixed up some alignment and spacing issues with his initial name-mark to make it more memorable and easier on the eye.

Moe really liked the royal-navy color, so I added a light-orange color to the pallette to create some contrast.



I worked closely with Moe to categorise his written work and create a clear Sitemap for his blog.

The blog has two main conversions:


(1) to encourage readers to share the written work. To achieve the above, I added a social share feature to each article page.

(2) Encourage readers to reach out and engage directly with Moe. To achieve that; I strategically placed a Contact Moe call to actions across the website. I also set up an email marketing system to allow readers to subscribe and Moe to update them with every new story directly to their inboxes.

The UI is clean with a white base to keep the reader’s focus on the text and images. The brand colors are used minimally to highlight certain elements only.

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