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MARCH 2018

Lulu M Catalog

An art catalog, made digital.



Lulu M is a self-taught artist draws much inspiration from experimenting with different painting methods.


Lulu reached out to request a design for a PDF catalog that she can share with clients, galleries, and other local/international stakeholders via email. She mentioned that it was hard for her to keep her PDF catalogs up-to-date and needed something that’s easier to update and share.

the challenge



I created a digital version of Lulu’s artist signature to use as a logo / brand mark.



Instead of designing a new PDF catalog for Lulu; I recommended that she goes digital. Having a digital catalog will completely get rid of the file size issue, and make her work more shareable.

A digital catalog also means easier access to her work, where clients and fans can see her art even when they’re on their mobile phones.

I created a simple Sitemap system where each art collection is displayed on it’s own page, so users can scroll through the various collections effortlessly.

I added an enquiry form to allow buyers and fans to reach out directly to Lulu, thus creating a new channel of sales for her work.

The overall UI of the catalog is extremely clean and minimal to ensure that the user’s focus is directed towards the art pieces.

Now, instead of having to look for the most updated PDF file, and find a way to share a large file by email, Lulu can just share the link to her digital catalog from anywhere and at any given time.

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