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MAY 2019

Growth Report 2019

Qatar  Financial Centre's first digital bi-lingual
annual review report.

project details

the challenge.

The client wanted a fresh approach to their corporate annual review report.


The report highlights milestones and achievements of the previous year, and an outlook onto the future.

The target audience for this report consists of the employees, clients of my client, as well as high-level VIP partners and stakeholders.

The report is usually distributed as a thick, and heavy 'luxurious' book, which is quite costly. The client mentioned that each year they are left with a lot of left-over books.

The client also has no way of telling how many people actually read the report. What sections were more engaging than others? and accordingly, they have no actual way to improve this report next year.

QR Code Growth Report 2018.png

Scan QR Code   to view report.


Previously titled, Annual Review, the report had a much heavier feel. Going digital would make it much lighter and easier to share, and the name had to match that.


‘Growth’ is the goal of any successful business, and to reflect that positive outlook on the annual report,
'The Growth Report' complimented that just right.

To reduce cost, increase engagement, share-ability and measure-ability of this report; I recommended going digital.


  • ​An online report is a lot easier to share through a short-URL or a QR code.

  • An online report allows the reader to access / refer to it wherever they are.

  • An online report removes the printing cost.

  • An online report allows you to measure the visits. and clicks, thus giving you an idea of the performance. This allows you to improve future reports based on hard facts and numbers.



I recommended going with a long-scroll UI to maintain the continuity of reading the report and avoid interruption.


Anchors on the side of the page helps guide the reader to the different sections of the report.


I planned and executed a holistic cross-platform social media promotion plan with the official hashtag #QFCGrowthReport

Part of that plan, was a number of targeted Social Media campaigns. The execution included developing static and dynamic creative assets as well as paid promotion on Linkedin (most appropriate channel), and Facebook.

I used the different sections of the report (Legal, CSR, Digital, Business, etc.) to target and attract the relevant audience (i.e. targeting professionals in the tech industry with a Digital-specific ad). 

the results.

In 14 days.


Ad clicks


report visits


page views

3 mins

average time spent

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