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JULY 2019


A borderless Venture Studio that leverages its expertise, technology and network to help businesses unlock their potential.

project details

Equitie work exclusively with businesses they believe in and their payout is the success of those businesses. The client needed a way to communicate their business value in a visual identity. They also wanted to launch this new identity online.

the challenge

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The company has a out of the box business idea that can resonate very well with the target audience. Their target audience breaks down into two main groups:


(1) company owners who are rather still new in the business world and are still trying to figure it out.

(2) Investors who are constantly busy, want quick final results summarized, and are constantly looking for the next best thing.

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Equitie must learn to be the middle-child in this scenario, being able to adapt and play both ends.


In terms of tone of voice for example, Equitie must show that it can and will communicate in a formal and professional corporate manner when it needs to, but also, be able to be approachable, informal, and comforting to those who are new to this corporate world.

The name itself, Equitie, is playful and reflects the company’s young energy. It stems from a play on the words ‘Equity’ and ‘Tie’  The proposed visual brand must reflect that middle-child semi-casual essence.

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With that in mind, we used a play between symbolism and typography style logos to create this proposed design. The ‘=‘ was used to replace ‘Equi’ and tie was spelled out normally. That visual break makes it easier for the viewer to digest the name better when looking at the logo.

=tie also has the advantage of being simple enough to re-create as text. An advantage that many brands aren’t lucky enough to achieve. Allowing the logo to be accessible enough to be easily re-created by the audience makes it even more memorable and more iconic

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