JUNE 2020

A digital demo for Qatar Sports Tech startups.

the challenge

  • Find an alternative to the QST Demo Day event during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Showcase the startups to potential investors.

  • Find a way for investors to reach out to startups that they're interested in.


Qatar Sports Tech (QST) is a Qatar-based start-up accelerator that facilitates partnerships between promising sports-tech startups and leading brands and organizations.

Demo Day is QST's biggest event where the startups get a chance to showcase their value and progress to potential investors. Due to COVID-19, the event had to be canceled. The client needed a digital alternative.

Digital Demo Day

Our recommendation was to go for a Digital Demo Day that will serve the same function of the event but digitally.

Using QST's existing brand guidelines, we created an infinite scroll event landing page. The page included a brief and an embedded video from each startup as well as a way for the users to book a meeting with  the startup or  contact the founders directly.

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