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JUNE 2019

Behind the Business

An interview series that highlights exclusive insights and business stories from Qatar Financial Centre clients and internal departments.

project details

the challenge


When brainstorming the name, I wanted to ensure that it aligns with the company brand essence and tagline, which is ‘we mean business’

This series aims at interviewing different businesses about their story of coming to Qatar. On the other hand, it features exclusive internal updates from the various departments of the organisation. Updates that you would only get if you had access ‘behind the business’


I developed an edgy logo mark for the series. I also gave it a dynamic animation to make it stand-out among all the business content, and to further compliment the ‘behind’ aspect of Behind the Business.

My aim was to position this series as a less-formal setting where interviewees can open up and share their stories comfortably.


I created a microsite for the series to enhance its digital presence.   


  • Having a website means more search engine exposure.

  • The website will act as a hub for the series, where new viewers can go back and watch previous episodes.

The website had a ‘Request to be featured’ call to action and form where visitors can directly reach out to the team and schedule their own interview.

I recommended including Behind the Business as part of event-sponsorship packages, thus further elevating the importance of being featured.

Social Media

To launch the website, I planned and executed two major campaigns targeting popular sectors of business in Qatar.

The first campaign was for an interview about Doing Business in Qatar.

The second campaign was for an interview about Sports Business in Qatar.

I created static and dynamic content for each interview. The campaign ran across Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

the results after 14 days.


people reached.


click-through rate.




video views.


clicks on the campaign.


video completions.


website visits


Behind the Business is now generating income to the business as a sponsorship package benefit.

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