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Qatar Financial Centre

a thriving, world-leading environment for businesses looking to expand to the Middle East





The Challenge

to enhance the existing brand and elevate it past the modern standards. The current brand focused too much on the acronym "QFC" and did a great job at putting that out there.


However, because it did not include the actual name, many did not know what the QFC stood for. The brand mark also used an old serif type-face which was too different from their brand guidelines.


Additionally, the old logo had too many versions, some with the name, some without the name, some English only, and Arabic only.

The Solution

I wanted the brand name to get an equal amount of focus as the brand mark here. I removed the acronym QFC and replaced it with the full Qatar Financial Centre name.

I also added the arabic name into the same logo to make it more complete and eliminate unnecessary versions.

Additionally, I created a portrait lockup for the logo to allow the brand to be more comfortable in spaces where landscape lockups are not fitting.


The Qatar Financial Centre is an umbralla under which falls three major entities; Qatar Financial Centre Authorty (QFCA), Regulatory Authority (QFCRA), and the International Court (QICDRC). Each entity developed its own brand over time.


I recommended to align the brands together to create harmony between them. The client couldn't agree more.

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