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JULY 2019


A cultural catering concept based in Doha, Qatar.

project details

The client’s concept revolves around delivering a wholesome cultural experience around food. From a value perspective, the service delivers ingredients to various cultural recipes to the customer along with instructions on how to cook. The client also offers games, ice breakers, topics to discuss to make their experience, tri  p or outing more substantial.

the challenge

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A number of names were brainstormed including Dine & Dune as well as Barbecube. However, the winner was ‘Baskit’.

What says picnic more than a basket full of food? In the dictionary, to ‘bask’ is to lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation and pleasure.


This witty take on the word basket will appeal to the younger target audience and ensure that they never forget it.

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With a witty name like Baskit, the client wanted a catchy tagline that can compliment that. After brainstorming a few options such as ‘We bring the Basket’ or ‘We make the trip’, the winning slogan was:

‘Save the trip’

It’s a perfect balance between convenience and experience.
There are two dimensions to this tagline

1) You save the trip to go and get the food because we
deliver the food to you.

2) We save the trip because we provide everything your outing needs from food, and activities. If you’re a last minute planner or simply too lazy to plan this time, Baskit can really save your trip!

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The visual identity of the brand had to compliment the playfulness of the name and slogan. Using the shape of basket, the edges of the letter b and t were bent to give the over all name a basket-like shape. The final result: a typography logo.

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