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A.S. Nutrition

A certified Qatari health coach & nutritionist.

the challenge



As a personal coach, with a strong presence on Twitter, the client decided to launch his business backed by popular demand from his followers. That was key.

That inspired the idea behind the name. It needed to relate to the client’s name to maintain that personal connection which is also crucial for a personal nutritionist & health coach.



The brand mark is sharp and edgy to compliment the active and action-packed essence of this industry.

The client wanted to keep his brand minimal and he had a personal preference for black and white, so I made sure to incorporate that in the overall look and feel.

In terms of typography, I went for a high contrast combination of bold and light text to further emphasize the transformation that customers go through with a personal coach.



I created a clear Sitemap and User Journey tailored to drive web visitors through the relevant information with calls to action strategically placed to encourage registration.

I developed creative and catchy copy-writing    for the website with a clear and consistent call to action to ensure that it captures the audience. The language is simple and approachable to maintain that personal touch throughout.

I mapped a simple registration process and reservation system that ensures great User Experience on the front end, and hassle-free admin experience on the back end.

The backend featured an automated calendar to help my client organise his appointments with his customers. The calendar only displays available slots that are pre-determined by the admin.

The website also features a membership feature where users can register to save their information and have a history of their reservations.

I also developed a chat functionality to further reinforce the personal feel of the brand.



I recommended that the client creates an Instagram account to leverage the platform’s business features and get even closer to his customers.

I developed creative assets for the client to launch his Instagram account with the right content.

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