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NOV 2019

Art Meets Business

An art exhibition at a business awards ceremony.

project details

While celebrating the outstanding achievements of businesses operating in Qatar in their Qatar Business Awards ceremony, Qatar Financial Centre also wanted to celebrate Doha’s rich art scene by highlighting notable works designed by artists in Qatar. To achieve that, the client decided to host an art exhibition on the sidelines of the awards ceremony.

the challenge

Anchor 1

Since the primary target is the business community, the name had to be direct, but also catchy enough to attract the art community. Using QFC’s slogan, We Mean Business, as a base. ‘Art Meets Business’ was a strong option both literally and phonically.

Anchor 2

We recommended a cross-channel social media campaign, with a stronger focus on Instagram as the most appropriate channel for visual art content. The goal of the campaign was to drive submissions.


We created a CTA and landing page with an online form for artists to submit their work.


Using stock footage, we put together an edgy video to capture the audience on social media, especially the artists. We created the copy for the video with a clear call to action.


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