JAN 2016

A digital sponsorship package.


Sheikh Mohammed Al-Thani is the first Qatari to finish the 7 Summits Challenge. Denali was his last and final summit and I was asked with creating a sponsorship package for it.  with information about the trip, climbers, and sponsorship packages available.

the challenge

  • Give information about the trip & highlight the expertise of the climbers.

  • Encourage entities to sponsor the trip and highlight the benefits that come with doing so.


Illustration & Visuals

Since this is a sponsorship package, the tone of the content had to be professional and corporate.  To balance out, the visuals had  to embody the edginess of mountain climbing.

I created illustrations of each  summit and each of the climbers as well.

Web & UI

Instead of going with a standard print sponsorship package, I recommended going digital. A digital sponsorship package has the following advantages:

  • More exposure and easier access to the information through search engines

  • Easier to share and therefore can reach the right people in a much shorter period of time.

  • Cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

I created a strategic user journey that takes the visitor through the relevant information and ending with a call to action:

Sponsor the Climb.

Visitors are able to reach Sheikh Mohammed directly through the contact form.

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